Another Place Crosby Beach

Situated in Liverpool alongside the Mersyside Coastline.

So we fancied a beach day with the pooch and decided that instead of travelling we would visit one of our local beaches…

We decided to go and visit Anthony Gormons ‘Another Place’ on Crosby Beach.

This is unquestionably a must see experience whilst visiting Liverpool. It has 100 life sizes figures which are lurking in the sea and are spread out across the long beautiful beach. Something that you will have never seen before.

If your interested in sculpture or art then this is definetly a place to check out.

It is a spectacular but Eerie place to say the least. The figures captivate your sole and I was amazed how real life they looked from a distance.

Honestly, you won’t understand until you’ve been here yourself!

Some of the cast iron figures are extremely weathered which gave a creepy presence. Especially as we had the beach to ourselves without a single person in sight.

It was perfect for Reggie to be let loose and have a ‘mad half hour’. However, he couldn’t quite work the figures out and wondered why they weren’t playing with him…

Or throwing the ball back. (Daft dog!!)

We will definetly be heading back again soon. It’s a place to capture the most stunning pictures in any weather.

Although, we would recommend to come when the tide is out.

This place is without a doubt, as Anthony Gorman named it ….’another place’. ♥️

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