Hansgrohe Dog Shower

I have been testing out the Hansgrohe Dog Shower Spray from Hansgrohe.

Hansgrohe Dog Shower

I have been testing out the Hansgrohe dog shower from Hansgrohe. This dog shower has been used numerous times – especially after muddy walks. The Hansgrohe dog shower is a shower head which is easy to install and can be swapped over from your usual shower head.

Please note that this is an honest review and all opinions are my own.

Not only is it stylish/modern, Reggie has been really settled when using this product and bath times have become less stressful. I have used many shower heads from different companies and nothing compares to this one.

Red Microfibre towel

The Shower head is a stress free solution and comes in different colours. I use the black colour which I think is less daunting to Reggie than the usually shiny chrome colour of a normal shower head.

I am highly impressed by what this dog shower can do. There are three different modes for gentle and efficient cleaning;

Paw Spray – This has been great for removing dirt stuck into Reggie’s paws and is also handy for when you only want to rinse off the paws. When Reggie wears a coat its only his Paws that get dirty so this mode is really handy.

Leg Spray – This is a mild/lighter spray. I love how reduced the water splash is whilst using the shower spray.

All over fur spray – Perfect for washing the fur for fully/deeper cleaning. This mode makes the cleaning process quicker and easier.

 At a quick press of a button there is also a ‘boost water’ mode for more power if required, this changes the jet spray and can be used with any of the different modes.


Red Microfibre towel

The brush has Soft silicone nubs for deep cleaning and is good for a pampering spa experience. When using the brush Reggie just stands there, with no attempt to escape. I think he enjoys it as it gives a massaging effect. It has made Reggie’s fur really soft after each bath and because he is getting washed thoroughly, his coat always looks really shiny. 

The product is reasonably priced at £74.94. I would be lost without this shower spray now as I use it regularly, more so during this wet Winter that we are having. Every bath session is now fully enjoyable. I would recommend it to those whose dogs dislike the bath as it offers a pleasant experience for them.

Thank you for reading

Suzanne  (& Reggie ?}

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