Reggie has put Trespaws gear to the full test.

Boomer Dog Fleece

My Favourite fleece that Reggie wears. It has windproof protection and has been great to wear in all seasons. It has been perfect on Summer Camping trips when the temperature has dropped at night, the Autumn when the weather starts to get a little chilly, and in Spring & Winter underneath one of their coats.

Red Microfibre towel

Kimmi Quilted Dog Coat

This coat comes everywhere as its lightweight and packs away into a little pouch. I tend to use this as Reggie’s spare coat as its easy to carry around. Its reversible so depending on what mood you’re in, you can either have it red or blue.



Red Microfibre towel


Insulated stainless steel water bottle

I regularly use this bottle, not just for SUP, but for on most of my crazy adventures.

The BPA free bottle has 2 lid options making it perfect for all outdoor activities. It has a canteen cap and a sports drinking cap.

With water bottles I usually find they can end up smelling funny, which puts me off using them. I’ve found this bottle is easy to clean and find that drinks always seem fresh.

I love to have a cup of tea or hot chocolate during a paddle. The insulation on this bottle is awesome- On one occasion the bottle was filled with tea and I left it in the car by mistake. I was out for just over 8 hours and was amazed that the tea was still steaming hot when I opened it, literally like it had just come out of the kettle! Apparently they stay insulated for 12 hours,but I’m yet to test this out.

In the summer and on walks I tend to use the sports drinking cap. I usually fill it with juice and in the summer add a little ice. Was made up on a summers paddle this year to have a nice icey cold drink on a hot day.

The bottle can be easily attached anywhere. I use a carabiner to attach it to the end of my board and also to my bag on hikes. It’s solid and a great size ,so good for being used both during and after activities.

Another feature I found out myself is that it floats. I accidentally dropped it in the water and was quite relieved that I could grab it out.

Reasonably Priced at £26.95


Red Insulated Bottle


Dog Buoyancy aid

A life saver (literally!) For a while I was trying to find a dog buoyancy aid that was the perfect fit for Reggie. I head out on our paddle board a lot so I wanted something that he would feel comfortable in.

This is is the only buoyancy aid that Reggie has lay down and fell asleep in because of its wide leg fit. It has no Velcro and is designed not to pinch,so his hair doesn’t get stuck like other buoyancy aids. It also doesn’t make his fur Matt, which is a bonus for cockapoos as their fur tangles easily.

Its quick and easy to adjust and comes in a range of different sizes and colours. I’ve had a Red Original buoyancy aid for Reggie for over a year now. I am still impressed by the quality as it still looks like new,especially after the amount it get used.

Priced at £64.95

Red Dog Buoyancy Aid


Waterproof Cooler Bag

Can’t believe how amazing the quality is of these bags. As soon as I opened this parcel I was thought “wow”. Definitely the most stylish and sturdy cool bag I’ve owned.

It’s great to have a bag that I know I won’t lose when paddle boarding. There are attachments which enables you to attach the bag to the end of your board and it main feature is that its waterproof. As well as handles there is also a long strap to make it easier when carrying.

Cost £159.95.

Red Waterproof Bag


Water proof pouch

I previously used a small waterproof bag from Amazon which I found wasn’t actually waterproof. I now couldn’t go on a paddle without this pouch as I know it’s 100% waterproof.

It’s compact and easy to attach to your board or belt with its velcro attachments. It’s has an aqua seal zip which also protects from dirt. It has a removable padded insert which gives extra protection for valuables like your phone.

I have previously accidentally dropped my phone & car keys into the water,so for me this product is a life saver. No more worries anymore for getting any of my valuables wet.

Priced at £64.95

Red Pouch

Alaska Cooling Dog Vest

Perfect for keeping your puppers cool in hot weather . The Alaska cooling vest has been a life saver on hot summer days. It has protected Reggie against heat stroke by staying cool for up to 6 hours. The cooling vest is also very easy to clean. An essential for the summer!


Charly Camo Printed dog rain coat

I love the Camo look! Reggie is always in water and mud so this coat is great for our little mud monster. It has 2000mm of waterproof protection so good for those days with torrential rain. It is easy to clean and perfect for any time of the year. There is also a Trespass matching coat for humans



Great products from Trespaws. If your the Outdoorsy type and are always out and about with your dog then these accessories are essentials.

Thank you for reading.

Suzanne  (& Reggie ?}


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