Barker and Barker Review

Barker and Barker sent us quite a few products for Reggie to try out.

We were sent a number of training treats to test out in 6 different flavours, a treats ball, a bag of liver training treats and some liver seasoning.

Training Treats

We were a little bit anxious about Reggie trying the training treats to be honest as they look a little like medication tablets.

Although we were a little bit sceptical about these treats they definitely went down well with Reggie. He’s a fast learner so training has been quite easy. He did his usual paw, stand up, high five, roll and play dead when presenting him with these treats. We are now using these to work on balancing treats on his nose…although I do think this one could take some time!!

We were sent a number of flavours-Artic Fish, cranberry & Liver, little liver,blueberry & liver, fruit & veg and Garlic & liver. Each tub containing a different amount of treats. Reggies favourire so far seems to have been the Little Liver. All treats are low in fat so we havent worried about giving him to many.

Bag of Little liver training treats

These were similar to the treats in the small tub but in a bag, which contained a lot more. Whilst the packet looks rather small and the treats look tiny, you get a lot more than you expect. They are ideal for repetitive clicker training.

The low fat treats are also great as they don’t leave any mess behind.

These treats are made with natural human grade ingredients. They have no GMO or artificial additives, preservatives, flavourings or colourings which makes them good for dogs that are a little sensitive to certain foods. They also contain no cereal or grain and are very low in fat.

Treats ball

The treats ball has kept Reggie very busy. I genuinely think he was quite frustated by not getting the treats out of the ball but it was funny to watch him bombing around the living room with it. Although,If you have a wooden floor like ourselves it can get a tad noisy!

Liver topper

The topper must have been yummy as usually Reggie will leave a little bit of food in his bowl, but when this is sprinkled on his food there is never anything left. This topper has got Reggies full approval. The toppers also comes in different flavours. We are considing buying him a different flavour to try.

For the first time ever Reggie eat his worming tablet straight away with this sprinkled on. We always have a problem with Reggie taking his worming tablets so Barker and Barker we thank you for this! ?

Reggie’s Rating

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Thank you Barker and Barker for allowing us to review your products.

Overall we give Barker and Barker 9/10

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