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Reggie was sent Dry Shampoo from Cody’s Comforts,  Here is what we thought…

This product is a no-rinse dog shampoo that acts as a calming cleanser and moisturiser for your dogs skin and coat in-between baths.

We are impressed with this dry shampoo foam as it has saved us from having to bath Reggie all of the time. Reggie tends to get muddy really easily, especially at the moment now the weather has changed.  Reggie is short in size so he gets dirty legs after most walks and takes ages to get clean again. He is also the king of mud and is constantly splashing around in some form of puddle.  We usually have to throw him straight in the bath when we get home. Having owned other dogs previously we have never known one to love the mud as much as Reggie does (must be a cockapoo thing!)

This routine has now changed since owning Cody’s Comforts dry shampoo. We now just give him a quick rinse down with the mud daddy when hes filthy to get rid of any muck, then by the time we get home and he has dried off we use a squirt of the dry shampoo and he is back to being clean again. We think Reggie definitely prefers this to the usual baths!

Dry shampoos are great for dogs as they absorb the sebum. They don’t actually remove the sebum so regular baths are still a must but for the use of  in-between grooms this is perfect.

The Creators

We asked the owners of Cody’s Comforts a little about their business as we love to hear information from the inside.

Cody’s Comforts was launched in March 2019 from the love of their family dog ,Cody the cockapoo. Their whole business is based around Cody and he is the inspiration for their business as he brings so much love and level of comfort to their family.

Being a new small business they are aiming to reach out more within the pet community. With the love and attention they have put into each box we have a feeling that this small business is going to grow, faster than they think..We can see this product becoming very popular.


They aim to create products that pamper and comfort canines and produce products that are naturally sourced and are kind to the environment. Not long ago we tested another dry shampoo out that we thought was great. After trying out Cody’s Comfort dry shampoo we rate this one even higher as the smell is so refreshing and not too strong.

This product is also really easy to use; you just need to squirt a little onto your hand and then brush through the coat. To dry, you just simply towel dry. Easy-Peasy!

The dry shampoo came in a beautifully packaged box and the items inside were neatly presented. A little extra gift of a dog treat was also in the box as an added suprise. We find that its always exciting when you recieve another extra gift that you arnt aware of.


If your looking to purchase the Dry wash Shampoo then you can find it on amazon at a reasonable price of £9.50. As the Shampoo is a foam we think it is worth the money as it lasts a long time because you only need to use a small amount.

The product is made with all natural ingredients and contains provitamin B5 and Aloe Vera . We have found this product leaves Reggies coat shiny and looking like he has had a bath. After trying similar products we do think that this one is the best yet and will certainly be purchasing some in the future.

Reggie’s Rating

Thank you Cody’s Comforts for allowing us to review your dry wash shampoo.

Reggie Rates you a fantastic 9/10 ♥️

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