Pet Box Co Review

Reggie was sent the spooooky October Halloween Box from Pet Box Co.

So what do we think of Octobers Pet box…

We are always excited when we receive one of these boxes in the post.

Receiving these boxes and not knowing whats inside makes it exciting to open, and knowing that there is not just one ,but a few items inside makes you eager to open the box straight away.

The boxes are well presented, filled with a range of good quality products and contain between 5-8 items. The October box we recived this time contained 6 items.

So lets have a look at what was inside….

Rosewood Chocolate Nylon Chew

A 100% Nylon chew that has been baked in chocolate flavour. We always love to give Reggie a chew as it keeps him occupied for a long time. Not going to lie but we were a little dubious about giving him this bone as it seemed really small in size and extreemly thin, therefore we would say this bone would be more suitable for a puppy.

Saying that…we are suprised at how long its has lasted. We received this box ten days ago and we thought that this chew would be in bits by now but it still seems to be in tact.  We never complete our reviews straight away as we like to test the products out properly with Reggie first.

Reggie tends to lick this chew more than bite so I think the chocolate flavour must be some what tasty. When we took this bone out of the box we did have a little sniff and yes, it certainly smelt delicious. This plaque reducing chew can be cleaned easily by popping it in some boiling water.

Soopa Pumpkin treats

Healthy bites in Carrot and pumpkin flavour.  These treats are grain free, hypoallergenic and made from natural human grade ingredients.

The treats only contain three calories per treat so will also be good for dogs with obesity. Reggie seemed to like these treats and so did we as they come in a pocket sized pack, so were easy to take out with us and use as training treats.

We have seen these treats in numereous pet stores but didnt realise how beneficial they can be to dogs. These treats can also improve doggie breath and clean teeth, they are also packed with vitamins and minerals.


Halloween Pumpkin Toy

A pumpkin Plush toy with rope. Reggie loves his toys so as soon as this was taken out of the box he was runnning around with it  like a maniac.

The Pumpkin toy is lightweight, so is easy for Reggie to carry in his mouth and has the two plush toys either side with rope in the middle. Both of the pumpkins squeak which makes the plush toy perfect for playing tug, fetch and tossing games. 

Harley Bear halloween bites

100% natural halloween bites made by Harley Bear’s Coco bites. Now we really wern’t sure whether or not to give these to Reggie as our first impression was that we had never seen treats that looked like this before. They looked an odd colour for treats and they seemed extreemly slippery.

We actually looked these treats up on the interent before giving them to him.  So after a little research we were really suprised at how good these treats actually are. They are made with coconut oil (which explains the slipperiness). Coconut oil for dogs provides benefits such as improvement of digestion, support of the immune system and functions that assist with weight loss. It can also create a sleek and glossy coat, treat fungal infections and reduce allergic reactions. So we have learnt something new from reviewing these treats!!

These bites also contain peanut butter which is Reggie’s favourite flavour and once we allowed him to have one, he obviously gobbled it up straight away.

All the treats were made in spooky halloween shapes, our favourite being the ghost. The treats were slightly messy as obviously coconut oil is rather greasy so we did have to wash our hands whenever we gave him treat. 

Halloween Bandana

A well made bandana which made Reggie look rather cute. Featuring ghosts and ghouls with the colour black and orange , it was a nice little addition to the box.

The bandana had us feeling the spirit of halloween straight away. Reggie wore the bandana on the upcoming to halloween before we dressed him up in his spooky ghost and Frankenstein outfits.


Toffee Apple Spray

Groom proffesionals Toffee apple Cologne. Now I don’t think this was Reggies favourite thing in the box but it was ours. Honestly we could eat him it smells that delicious.

We wish this wasn’t limited addition as we would certainly purchase some more of this! The smell was just mouth watering with its scent of apples, tofee, vanilla and nutmeg.

The spray gave such a warm feel and had a scent which lasted a long time on his coat , even when only a small amount was sprayed onto him.

Subscription or One off Gift

To get one of these amazing boxes you can subscribe or order one as a one off gift. Each month has a different theme containing a range of different items. Do check out our older Pet Box Co reviews. We have previously reveiwed three of their other boxes and rated them at a top score. We are genuinely impressed how well they manage to match all their products to a theme each month.

We are intrigued to see what will be in their christmas box this year as this is our favourite time of the year.

If you are interested you can even get 50% off your first box Using code 50FIRSTBOX

You can subscribe for:

  • 12 months £23.99
  • 6 months £25.99
  • 3 months £27.99
  • One off gift for £29.99.
  • 1 month £29.99 – gives you the option of cancelling at any time.

Reggie’s Rating

So Pet box Co you have done it again!! We absolutely loved the October box…Thank you!

Reggie gives Pet Box Co ANOTHER 10/10 ♥️


**Our reviews are our own opnion and none are influenced.

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