Benji and Beau Review

We were sent a few healthcare products to review from Benji & Beau…

We were sent three items: AniVox Ear wash, AniWipe wet wipes and AniDes wound spray.

We’re always a little sceptical about using products that we’ve never heard of, but after a bit of research we tested them out…. 

Anivox Ear Wash

This is an ear wash, made with natural ingredients that dissolves ear wax and cleanses irritated, itchy and moist ear channels.

Reggie suffers with itchy ears so we decided to test this out on a day that he seemed to be itching the most to see if it actually worked. After one try of this wash by morning he surprisingly wasn’t itching at his ears at all. In fact we were really surprised at how quick this actually worked!
Reggie tends to get itchy ears in the summer time. Since using this product Reggie has definitely had less irritated ears.
Anivox ear wash is Priced at £14.99 for 100ml. Slightly expensive but it is definitely worth purchasing if your dog does suffer with irritated ears. We will be continuing to use this product when itching occurs and will be purchasing some more once the bottle is finished.

AniWipe Wet Wipes

These wipes are designed to protect and smooth skin, skin folds,paws, ears and wounds.
These wipes have been so handy as they are pocket size so have been perfect for taking on our camping trips incase Reggie gets a small wound.

These wipes are also designed to reduce inflammation and cleanse daily dirt, assisting in controlling microbial growth.
With Reggie being a mud lover we find these wipes convenient as he is always rolling around in some form of dirt and sometimes we never know what he has even actually been rolling in!!

For wounds the wipes provide an extra protective layer stopping irritation and preventing bacterial fungi and yeast growth. They can also be used on sensitive areas as it’s been proven that they don’t sting.

Ani wipe wet wipes are £5.95 for a pack of 12

AniDes wound spray

We wasn’t able to test this product out until recently. This spray is for wounds, abrasion and skin irritations which leave a protective and soothing barrier on the skin.

The wound spray is made with natural ingredients and is antimicrobial against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast and fungi. The spray is gentle on the skin as it does not contain perfumes or alcohol and moisturises dry, scaly skin and dry edges of a wound.
We tested this out when a few random spots appeared around Reggie’s neck after an afternoon of him running around a field of long grass.
After just a few uses of the spray the spots gradually went and he no longer has any spots on his skin. Before we tried this spray we was actually considering taking him to the vets, but as he no longer has any spots at all this is no longer necessary.
From the information provided the spray also has a bitter taste which stops licking of the wound.

We were very impressed with these health products and will certainly be using them again in the future if any itchiness or minor wounds occur.


Reggie’s Rating

Thank you Benji and Beau for allowing us to review your health products.

Overall we rate your health products at 9/10. ♥️
*All of our reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced.

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