Bow and Dog Review

Bow & Dog sell dog food, supplements, snacks and accessories. Reggie has been lucky enough to try out all of these products.

Bow & Dog grain free dog food

This food is 80% fish and poultry. Reggie is obsessed with this food and gobbled it up straight away. It is Grain free, gluten free, dairy free, soya free and hypoallergenic which is perfect for him. The food is clearly delicious because we can even use the food as treats.

The packaging is bright and happy, much better than the boring looking plain dog food bags .

Deluxe dog Rainbow collar and bow tie

We have had a lot of people asking about this cute bow tie and matching collar.

It’s definitely fashionable and the quality Is impressive.

It also comes well presented in a lovely looking box. The collar and bow really do make Reggie look handsome.(not that he isn’t already though!)

Snack bar

The snack bar comes in Reggies favourite flavour – peanut butter. These snack bars are made with natural Ingredients. We definitely need to purchase a full box of these. They are also very handy in the wrapper to just snap a little off and then wrap it back up for later.

Joint suppliments

These supplements give piece of mind. We are always concerned about Reggies joints as he’s always jumping up and down off the bed etc. Cockapoos are known dogs with problems with their knee joints so hopefully these will do the trick!

Little doggy bag

This is another item that has been popular with us and we’ve again had a number of people asking where it’s from. This cute little bag is easy to throw Reggies accessories in on a day out.

Discount Code

Bow & Dog have kindly given us a discount code for our followers. So if you fancy anything from their website then use code REGGIE20

Reggie’s Rating

Thank you @bowandog. We absolutely love your products ♥️


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