Clever Dog Smart Camera Review

We were asked to review the Clever Dog Smart Camera.

The clever dog smart camera is a cute sized camera which works through the wifi.

We found a few pros and cons with this product.


Lookwise this camera is quite stylish. It’s a reasonable size so can be placed pretty much anywhere. The setup is quick and easy- all you have to do is make an account on the app and then connect via your internet WiFi.

The cameras have an SD card in the side of the camera which enables recordings.

There are different options that you can use under the live view mode. The camera option allows you to take and save a still image to your phone. The Speaker allows you to hear any noise from the camera on your phone and the microphone allows you to speak back.


There are two picture modes to use. A day and night mode. We found that the pictures were a little grainy. Although you could see Reggie in the house the quality isn’t great.

We couldn’t seem to view the camera whilst away from home which is the reason why we got it. The picture above was actually taken whilst I was upstairs.

The camera sends notifications but is a tad sensitive. We got constant notifications from the slightest movement outside. eg. Birds flying past.

We weren’t to impressed with the sound either as the quality was very poor. We found it very echoey and it also scared the life out of Reggie,which actually made him refuse to go back in the room.


So overall we think it would be better as a baby camera/monitor and would be much better if it was wireless.

Unfortunetly this camera wasn’t for us but for the price of £24.99 you can’t really complain. If your looking for the cheap option then this is probably the Best Buy as it does do what it states on the packaging. Opinions will vary on this product!

Reggie’s Rating

Overall we give the clever dog 4/10.

*All of our reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced.

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