Furbo Dog Camera Review

We were sent a Furbo Dog Camera to review by Karkalis communications. 

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With our Furbo dog smart camera we always feel close to Reggie when we are not at home.

We are amazed how good it actually is. We have had so much fun with this camera already! It lets you see, talk and even throw treats to your dog from the app on your phone.

The Set up is fast and simple. You just plug in the adapter and then install the Furbo app on your mobile phone. Once installed you will be taken through the Bluetooth pairing process which then connects to the WiFi.

Our WiFi box is upstairs and we use the furbo downstairs and have no problems with connection.

What we love about the Furbo the most is the live HD streaming and being able to talk and treat Reggie when we are away.

I have recently been away to Belgium and was able to communicate with him at home in the UK. I was able to see him, talk through the 2-way audio and throw him a treat ♥️

The treats are projected from the front by a simple press of the button on your iphone. This is pretty impressive and I love to see the excitement from him when they‘re released.

The camera is better than I expected with its 720p resolution. Even the night vision is good quality.

Lookswise the Furbo is looks pretty modern. Kind of reminds me of a candle burner. It’s tall (for the reason of having the space to fill the inside with treats) and has a lovely white glossy look. There is a wooden lid over the top which can be removed – we like this look as it matches our side board.

It’s a reasonable size so can be kept where you wish. We would recommend high up to take advantage of the wide angle camera and then you’re able to see the whole scale of your room. On a tall cupboard is just enough for us as it stops inquisative Reggie having easy access to the treats.

The Furbo has a colour-changing LED indicator at the bottom to let you know when the Furbo is online. It also changes to a blue colour when someone is accessing the camera.

There’s automatic bark detection, which sends push notifications to your phone to let you know if your dog is barking while you’re out. The sensitivity for this can be changed.

For treats you can use the standard sound or even make up a custom treat Calls, that will play whenever you decide to remotely deliver treats.

The only Con we have about the Furbo is that the built-in speaker isn’t the best. You can here quite clearly but it does have a little echo. This did scare Reggie for a little while until he got used to it. Although, You do have the option to have the sound on or off.


At the moment this impressive pet gadget is £199 (reduced from £250) which seems expensive but in my opinion is worth the money due it its features like its 1080p HD Camera, Bark Alert, 2 way audio, night vision and the ability to toss treats at your dog.

This is our favourite pet gadget so far. Thank you Karkalis communications for sending us the Furbo.

Reggie’s Rating

We give the Furbo smart camera a big thumbs up – 10/10 ♥️

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