Mr Peanuts Premium Products Review

We received some items from Mr Peanuts Premium products to review. We spent a few weeks testing them out, looking at the quality, function and usefulness of the products.

The Rhodium

Firstly, we will have to mention about how fast this parcel was delivered and will have to say-the quickest delivery yet!

We received the Rhodium series soft sided pet carrier and the Purple gold series airline approved tote pet carrier.

So, here is what we thought:

The structure of this carrier is quite impressive. When put up (which was very quick and simple to do) the frame is sturdy and the base is supported well.

This carrier is best used as an around the town tote. With Reggie’s size we were concerned that it may collapse, but with the strong frame and material it hasn’t yet! It does say that they are recommended for pets up to 18lbs. We were quite lucky as Reggie is only a small cockapoo and is the maximum weight for this carrier.

Although the room inside was limited Reggie definitely likes the carrier because when we first introduced him to it he went straight inside, without even prompting him to go in.

We are now also using this carrier in the car for him to sit in whilst travelling.

The carrier has open mesh windows and comes with a removable faux fleece bed with a base for extra support.


Purple gold series airline approved totes, low profile sift sided pet carrier

We love the style and colour of this pet carrier. This carrier is again made with extremely good quality material.

The only con is that unfortunately this was too small for Reggie so instead we tested it out with a family Members Dachshund Teddy. This was the perfect size for Teddy and he also went straight inside to check it out.

This carrier has different features which are perfect for travelling-such as a treats pocket, hand carry handle, mesh windows and a Padded shoulder strap for extra support.

It is supported well at the base with its plywood insert and faux fleece pad.

The carrier is made for pets up to 15lbs and is Airline Capable. So if your looking for your pets to fly in comfort, this is definitely the carrier to choose

Both carriers come with a packaway storage bag. Folding the carriers down is easy to do and they fold to a compact size .

The carriers are light weight so are easy to carry when inside the bag.


 An extra bonus about these carriers is that you get a freebie with each purchase – a collapsible silicone travel bowl.

These bowls have been perfect for Reggie when we are on our travels, with being lightweight and able to attach them to the lead, you simply just pop them up in a second.

Q&A with the owner

We asked the owner of the company a few questions and here was their response:

“I had been working designing pet travel products for a number of businesses and airlines when my Boston Terrier, aka Peanut, became sick with kidney issues. Peanut had always had a fantastic life and I wanted to create something of him that would help benefit other pets and animals. I founded Mr. Peanut’s in 2015 in that regard and formed the Pay a Shelter Pet Forward program soon after with the idea to contribute products to shelter pets as much as we possibly could. I work with shelters and rescues throughout the USA and in other countries as well to help with needed products. Your purchase, link, review and posts helps us to help them.”

Reggie’s Rating

These carriers are definitely worth the money. You can buy them for around $40.

Thank you Mr Peanuts Premium products for allowing us to review your Products. Overall we rate the pet carriers at a top 10/10 ?

*All of our reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced. Thank you for Reading…

Love & Paws

Reggie & Me ♥️?

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