Nelson's Treats Review

We were sent a few products from Nelson’s Treats to review.

Reggie received their Easter oat, cheese & cranberry treats and a packet of Easter peanut butter & apple treats. We also got to test out their new paw balm.

We have previously bought quite a few treats from Nelson Treats so in this review we will be showing you some of the different items we have bought over the past year.

Nelson’s Treats use natural ingredients – they have no artificial flavours, no added preservatives and no added salt or sugar in them.

About Nelsons Treats

We wanted to know a little bit more about Nelsons Treats so we asked them a few Questions…

We asked them what inspired them to start up their business. Here was their response:

”We started Nelsons training using traditional dog snacks and discovered the number of preservatives and sugar added to them. We began to research ingredients and properties we believed would be better for him. We looked into possible flavours, to ensure a great taste whilst keeping them healthier for our precious Nelson”.

Nelsons Treats started up in April 2018. Since then they have become pretty popular and we can see why because Reggie absolutely loves these treats, especially the peanut butter ones. These are clearly Reggies favourite treats as he goes absolutely mental for them.

Their Best sellers so far have been anything with peanut butter in and their special birthday boxes.

What’s even better for us is that they are a local business so it’s handy to get treats whenever Reggie requires some.

In the past we have had some treats that have literally come out of the oven a few hours before and have received them warm. That lovely fresh home baked smell just smelt delicious.

To be honest they really do smell that good you want to eat them yourself. Infact, my partner even tried one…wouldn’t really say for human consumption though! ?

Personalised Treats

For Reggies 1st Birthday personalised “Reggie” biscuits were made. Enough to give around the fur babies in his doggy daycare. They definitely went down very well with all the pooches.

Special occasion boxes

They do exciting boxes for different occasions. They are such good value for money and always come well packaged.

At Christmas we bought a personalised advent Christmas bauble. This contained treats running up to Christmas and a bandana for Christmas Day. We even Received a cute little Christmas card from them.

Our favourite product so far has been the valentines box. This was absolutely adorable. We received heart shaped treats and personalised valentines treats along with what seems to be the worlds most longest lasting balloon…that’s still up right now! ♥️

Paw balm

The paw balm is one of their newest products at the moment to help sooth cracked paws. Reggie does suffer a lot with cracked paws especially in the summer so we will need to stock up on this.

The balm is made with 100% natural ingredients using high quality products such as, bees wax, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, natural essential oils & vitamin E.


Nelsons Treats have also kindly given a discount code for you to use: REGGIE10

So obviously, overall we give Nelsons Treats a top 10/10 ?

Thank you for allowing us to review your products. We wish your little business all the best for the future.

Reggie & Me ?

PS. We love you Nelson!

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