Pet Box Co September Box Review

Reggie was sent the September subscription box from Pet Box Co to review.

So what do we think of Septembers Pet box… 

We are always excited to receive one of these boxes, especially as we have rated their last two boxes at a 10/10. As we’ve mentioned before in one of the previous blogs, its the excitement of not actually knowing what’s inside each box, and so far each box received has contained some really cool and useful doggie products.

Each of the boxes we have received have had a different theme. The September box theme was ”back to school”. So lets have a look at what we received inside the Back to School September box….

Denzels Suitcase Treats

We received a packet of Denzel treats in the first January box and mentioned in the January blog review that the Denzel box was slightly too small as we only received one pack. We mentioned this as Reggie absolutely loved them, but they were just gone in an instant.

In the September box we were pleased to find a suitcase box of them with 3 boxes. Reggie seems to go crazy for these treats and even better they come in different flavours. These added to the back to school theme by being a lunch box size, which they were as they fit perfectly into our travel bag.

These treats are also good to take on walks as they do not leave crumbs and you can break pieces off without giving the whole treat at once, although Reggie would probably love the whole treat as he’s greedy!


Groom professional Speed Wash

So after reviewing the last box and liking the smell of the spray that was in the summer box we thought that we wouldn’t find a product that could be better. Well now we’ve changed our minds and say forget the spray as we have found the best smelling product for Reggie. This is a dry shampoo foam and has been a god send. As we know Reggie is a mucky pup, we have to bath him quite a lot.  We have tried this out a number of times now.  Just a little squirt of the foam and he smells like a dream. We are so surprised at how good this genuinely smells like he has just come out of the bath and has had talc poured over him. 

 So many people have complimented how gorgeous he smells when giving him cuddles, one person even asked if we had washed him in Pantene, haha! We will certainly be purchasing a bulk load of these!! 

Back to school Pencil

This is a perfect back to school gift and is a great sized toy for Reggie to hold in his mouth. This is how we are greeted every time we walk through the door, always with a Teddy in his mouth…now its a pencil.

You are also able to stuff treats inside so it has kept him busy. This was also perfect for when Reggie actually came on a recent school trip, so obviously the large pencil went down well with the students!

Rosewood 2 in 1 Bath and Groom brush

Reggie hates the bath. Don’t know why as he loves to jump in puddles or if you’ve checked out our recent posts…a flowing river!!!

With its massaging bristles Reggie is now having pampered massaging bath times. Since using this brush he just sits there without a fuss .We are huge fans of Rosewood products and will certainly be continuing to use this product in the future.

Now, we did have one slight problem with this…it didn’t come with instructions so not going to lie, it did take a while to figure out how to open it. So if you buy one of these, for future reference it is pretty simple and you just twist and fill with shampoo.

Interactive Dog toy

This was our favourite item in the box. This interactive dog toy has kept Reggie busy and is actually hilarious to watch. You just hide the treats in the sections then sit back and watch the fun begin. Reggie is quite bright so did figure out how to move the sections pretty quickly, but does struggle when they are on the opposite side, and then tries to scrape through the toy because he’s frustrated as he cant get at it . Its a good job that this is a hard wearing toy! The interactive toy is also easy to clean and not to big so just fits perfectly into his toy box.

Subscription or One off Gift

To get one of these amazing boxes you can subscribe or order one as a one off gift.

You can subscribe for:

  • 12 months £23.99
  • 6 months £25.99
  • 3 months £27.99
  • One off gift for £29.99.
  • 1 month £29.99 – gives you the option of cancelling at any time.

Have you checked out their other two boxes we have previously reviewed? If not go and have a little will be surprised how different each box is.

Reggie’s Rating

We Highly Recommend Pet Box Co and absolutely loved the September box, Thank you for allowing us to review another one of your boxes. 

Reggie rates the September Pet Box at …..

ANOTHER 10/10 ♥️

**All reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced.

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