Pet Qwerks Toys Review

We received a very exciting package from Pet Qwerks.

The box was filled with a range of toys. We were so excited to test these out as Reggie has never had any of these toys before. The package contained 6 items!

The dinosaur bark bone

We gave Reggie this bone first. He absolutely loved it and wouldn’t put it down. We needed something for him to chew on for his teeth and this is perfect. This solid nylon dog chew bone is made for the tough chewers like him. This bacon flavoured bone has certainly kept Reggie busy for hours.

Blinky Babble interactive ball

Reggie was scared of this ball at first but got used to it after a while. It’s an Interactive toy that makes different sounds and flashes. Once he got used to it, it was absolutely hilarious to watch. We have definitely had some laughs with this product. The ball switches off by itself and makes a sound if close or when touched.

It is quite sensitive and to be honest has absolutely scared the life out of me a few times (especially if you knock it unexpectedly and it says hello ?)

Flavorit Breath mint infused dog chew

This Infused mint flavour bone smells very fresh. It can be filled with Reggies favourite spreadable treat. We chose to put in yoghurt and he had a great time licking away at it.

It can also be used in the dishwasher which is so much easier than trying to scrub it.


These flavour infused bubbles are amazing. We didn’t know that these even existed. Without a doubt going to get some more of these in!!! The bubbles are long lasting and dont pop when they hit the ground . The bubbles also come in reggies favourite flavour peanut butter.

We had lots of fun with these. One thing we did learn though…to do it outside not indoors as it gets a little sticky!

Flavorit infused Bark Bone

Another amazing bone you can put spreadable treats in. Again dishwasher safe. Reggie is absolutely obsessed with peanut butter treats. You can actually smell the treat through the back of the packaging before opening it and with being a peanut butter lover myself-it weirdly smelt quite nice!

Krinkle and Squeak Newspaper Plush Toy

Reggie loves his newspaper toy. Everyone Who has come to visit has been greeted by Reggie and his newspaper. He certainly looks very cute with it in his mouth.

The rustle noise is a tad annoying when watching tv…but if he’s happy then so are we!


We definitely recommend Pet Qwerks toys.

Reggie has had so much fun with these toys already. There’s Lots more fun to come as most of them are long lasting too.

Thank you Pet Qwerks for allowing us to review your products

Reggie’s Rating

Overall we definitely give all of these products 10/10.

These are the best quality toys he owns at the minute..definetly our favourite toy shop yet!! ??

*All of our reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced.

Thank you for Reading…

Love & Paws

Reggie & Me ♥️?

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