Pet Box Co Summer Box Review

Reggie was sent Pet Box Co’s Summer box to review, and here’s what we thought…

We were sent another Pet Box to review from Pet Box Co .

We have spent a good month or two testing out the products in their summer box. ️

Petbox started up in December 2018 and we were lucky enough to have reviewed one of their first pet boxes at the beginning of the year, rating it at a top 10/10 . We were intrigued to see what was inside this one and whether or not it was as good as the January Box.

Five Sense Dog Ball

This is a stimulation dog ball. We love it’s bright eye catching colours and it makes the ball really easy to find in long grass.

The ball makes a jingle noise when moved which Reggie has been quite excited by. It also squeaks when pressed hard enough..slightly annoying when he’s running around with it in his mouth all the time,but you do have to let your dog have some fun, don’t you?!

The ball has a textured surface unlike normal balls. So after a few months of testing out this product we have figured that it’s certainly hard wearing and long lasting. Reggie goes through a good amount of tennis balls each month.

This ball has been used numerous of times in the garden and park and still looks like new.

The ball can also bounce pretty high which makes it more exciting for Reggie to try and catch. The ball also smells and tastes like beef, definitely good for those senses.

Sun Protection Wipes

Well we didn’t know that these even existed, what a great idea! These wipes gave me piece of mind when we were on our adventutes in the sun, which was a lot in the last few months. We obviously still gave Reggie water but the extra Protection with the SPF 15 wipes was great.

So if you didn’t already know, yes dogs gets sunburnt. They can get very similar red skin which is tender to touch. The most susceptible areas being the nose, ears and tummy before the fur covered areas. Did you know that they can even get a fever if they are overexposed?!

We thought that these wipes may of made Reggies coat look greasy, but they didn’t, which was an extra bonus!

Tough Bubbles

Lots of fun has been had with these bubbles. The bubbles are in Reggie’s favourite flavour Peanut butter which certainly got him Interested in chasing after them. 

The bubbles are made with a Pet friendly recipe so there was no worries with him catching and eating them.

The bubbles are slightly sticky so you do have to be careful that you don’t pull too much out.

Ice Cream and Flower Treats

The treats from Posh pet kitchen went down well with Reggie. They were slightly on the crunchy side but Reggie sure does love his treats!
The treats were very Summery, designed with ice cream and flower shapes, all made with natural ingredients too.

Strawberry Cologne

We love this product and it’s summer fresh strawberry smell. We normally use a spray to freshen Reggie up but decided that we like the smell of this one better so shall be purchasing some of this spray in the future once we’ve ran out.

Freezable Shark

These are just awesome!! You simply just fill them with water and freeze them. We gave ours to Reggie on a day when the temperature was high and he absolutely loved also kept him very busy.

Not only does this work to cool him down It also Cleanses his teeth and helps massage his gums.

The Owners

As we do with all of our blogs, we asked the owners of the business a few questions as it’s always good to get a bit of feedback from them.
We asked them what inspired them to start up their business…

”We always felt like the excitement of getting deliveries to the door was something that should be able to be shared with you dog. The few moments when your opening up the box and you don’t know what’s inside are so fun and it’s great that your dog can experience that as well”.
” It’s not our full time job so we’ve not put too much attention on marketing but the response has been great.”

We have loved the items in the summer box so have really enjoyed reviewing each of the products. We are interested to see what Pet Box Co has in their boxes over the next few months, especially December!!

Subscription or One off Gift

To get one of these amazing boxes you can subscribe or order one as a one off gift. Each month has a different theme containing a range of different items.

You can subscribe for:

  • 12 months £23.99
  • 6 months £25.99
  • 3 months £27.99
  • One off gift for £29.99.
  • 1 month £29.99 – gives you the option of cancelling at any time.

Reggie’s Rating

Thank you to Pet Box Co for allowing us to review your Summer subscription box.

Overall we rate the summer subscription box at an amazing 10/10 ♥️

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