Pola Dot Presets Review

We were asked to do a review by Instagram’s Polka Dot Loki on their Adobe Lightroom Presets…

So finally we decided to download Lightroom and Photoshop. This is something we’ve never even considered, only for the fact of thinking that it just looked to complicated and we just didn’t have the time to do any form of editing.

The creator of these presets is Lorren. Lorren was inspired by another instagram page @domxbruno. Lorren uses a Nikon D5300 and has actually only been creating presets for a few months.

After following @Polka_Dot_Loki on Instagram and seeing such amazing photographs we decided to download and test out her presets. These are Digital downloads for Adobe Lightroom and are available for computer (xmp) and for mobile (DNG).

Trust me, this is the best thing we’ve done on Instagram, absolute godsend and wish we had done this a long time ago. We usually take pictures with our Canon Camera and just post them straight away, sometimes without even a filter. Not any more, we now have a range of incredible presets to choose from. Can’t believe how quick and simple it is to do. We don’t even have to edit the pictures,it’s all done and ready to go. Yes it sounds a little lazy to have them pre done for you, but if your like we are and you don’t want to spend hours in front of the computer then this is the way forward…The hardest part is just choosing which preset to use!!

We have an adventure themed page as we love the outdoors and are always travelling around, so these presets fit our page perfectly.

We started off with purchasing Faded breeze and absolutely loved the effect it had on our pictures, so decided to test out the whole autumn collection.

The Autumn collection is Expressed on Lorrens page as “Cozy , soft earthy oranges and brown tones”…and they are certainly just that!
Our favourite presets so far has been “pumpkin spice” giving that perfect Autumn Vibe. We love Autumn so can’t wait to go out wrapped up warm in our hat, gloves & jumper and embrace the Autumn chill.

We love the way that each preset is totally different. In the Autumn collection you get 6 different presets: Pumpkin Pie, Fall in Love, Leaf me to adventure, Pumpkin Spice, Leaf me to love and Autumn Burns red. 

Scroll through some of our pictures that we have used with the presets below:

Even if the presets are not quite what you want you can also tweak them. We haven’t had to do this yet but it does depend on what desired effect you are looking for.

Autumn burns red gives a vibrant colour, although we haven’t used this one yet we cant wait to test this out when the leaves change colour this month. Fall in love has given our pictures a warm contrast, effect creating soft tones. Leaf me to adventures seems to have enhanced our photographs and we have found this one best to use for pictures with a scenery.

Pumpkin spice certainly gives the best Autumn effect and is one we have used the most so far. Leaf me to love has been good to use with portraits and has brightened up our photographs giving beautiful tones, without over complicating the look. We found that the preset Pumpkin pie has been good to use on darker days as it brightens up our photograph.

Not all of the presets worked with Reggie as his colour is apricot but Lorren has also included a 2.0 version with minor edits & tweaks for red dogs which have been perfect to fit Reggies colour. She is also happy to adjust any to achieve your desired look.

The presets are straight forward to download and if any problems occur . Lorren is very helpful and is happy to help guide you through step by step, especially if your like us and don’t really have a clue about computers.

Lorren also has an arts page on Facebook “Four Paws portraits” so we headed to the page to check it out. This page is definitely worth a follow guys and gals. If your looking for a portrait then head over to this page immediately. Such an amazing talent, and her portraits are simply stunning!

We Highly recommend Polka Dot Presets, finally getting our instagram page looking the way we wanted it.
We have always looked at other accounts and wished for ours to improve. Thanks to Polka Dot Presets it now has completely changed my feed, improving and transforming our pictures


Polka Dot Presets offer different packages and individuals:
Full collaboration collection £9.59
Full autumn collection £10.20
Favourites collection £5.99
Individuals £2.39

So pretty cheap considering they totally improve your pictures and not only that, you get them for life once purchased!

Lorren has kindly given us a discount code for you to use: REGGIE10. So what are you waiting for? Go and check out their page now!!


Reggie’s Ratings

Thank you Lorren for allowing us to review Polka Dot Presets. We look forward to testing out more of your presets in the future.

Reggie rates Polka Dot Presets at a 10/10 ♥️

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