Smart Frog Surveillance Camera Review

We were sent the Smart frog surveillance camera to review.

This is the third camera that we have now reviewed. Will we rate it as good as the Furbo or as low as the clever dog smart camera?

Lets find out….

First look at the camera is postive. Its a reasonable size and looks pretty modern.

The camera comes in a compact box and comes with a plug and usb.


Now the setup was pretty simple and straight forward. Although, it did take a few minutes for it to load up. It does say on the box 5 minute installation or they give you your money back..and to be fair it did load in under 5 minutes. We would say ours took about 3 minutes to fully load up.

Smart Frog Camera Features:

  • Nightvision
  • WIFI
  • Loud speaker
  • Motion sensor
  • 720p camera
  • Microphone

We have been using this camera as a surveillance camera around the house to protect our home. We tested it out in our kitchen and have now placed it high up so we can see the whole of the room.

We have also been able to keep an eye on Reggie when we’ve nipped out of the house. We can also speak to him through the microphone but we found it spooked him a little as it seems to have an echo.


The Camera Costs £4.95 per month with an easy cancellation. It Comes with 7 days cloud storage and a 2 year guarantee.

We have had one problem with the camera though, it can be Temperamental. It can take a a good few attempts to go to the live screen and record. The camera is definitely great for security but not for reliability.

One thing we do love about this camera though, is the picture quality. The pictures are really clear in both day and night mode.


Although this camera isn’t the best out there at the moment, it does do what it says on the box and we will certainly still be using it for when we are away or out of the house for long periods of time.

We would say that there are a few improvements that could be made with this camera. With todays technology maybe the next camera will allow you to view your history via mobile. To view your recording history with this camera you are unable to use your phone, you have to use a computer. At the moment this is a problem for us as our computer has decided to break.

Reggie’s Rating

Overall we rate the Smartfrog dog camera a 6/10

Thank you for allowing us to review your camera. We look forward to seeing what products you bring out in the future.
Reggie & Me ?

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