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This review is all about poop…your now thinking are you sh*t**ng me?!…yes literally…you heard it right..a review all about poo.

Before you think yuck that’s disgusting don‘t worry as there won’t be any disgusting pictures of turds. 95% of this review is actually about poo bags! So your safe to continue to read on….
We were sent a range of different waste bags to test out from Smug Pets. With their prompt delivery they were here in no time.

They‘re scented and none scented Bags. Personally we like the scented bags the best but it doesn’t really matter too much because you can’t actually smell the doggy doo through the non scented bags as they are really thick.

There’s also no worries about the bags bursting and getting cr*p on your hands because these are extra strength and leak proof (Cause yes this does happen to us all!)

They do different styles such as tie handle and none tie handle. We prefer using the tie handle ones in the park and the others for in our garden.

We were sent a great little dispenser to put them in which we can refill when empty. The dispenser is cylinder shaped and has a small hook and loop attachment which can go onto your dogs lead or wherever preferred. To replace the bags you just simply unscrew the cylinder and put in a new roll of bags. These are great because we always attach it to the lead because yes there has been times when we’ve been out and accidentally forgotten poo bags and have had to ask another dog walker for some. The last time this happened someone gave us a sandwich bag to pick it up with…and yes it wasn’t the most solid poop that Reggies done….We shall leave you with your imagaination of what happened ?

Your probably thinking why are they going on about these waste bags well… just thinking about the lovely environment aren’t we.

If you’re an environmentally friendly owner, then it makes sense that you should give preference to natural products when buying products.

These bags are eco friendly, plant based and made with a bio cornstarch blend.
This does not mean that they can’t be put in the bin though..One pet hate of ours is poo bag hanging. Yes decorating the lovely parks by throwing those bags of faeces into a bush. Just because they arn’t see through and you can’t see that lovely turd in there doesn’t mean you can just leave them hanging there. If your going to do that you might aswel just leave them on the floor ?‍♀️

Also, did you know that leaving your dogs muck on the floor is an enviromental pollutant? They carry a lot of disease which you probably did not expect like hookworms,tapeworms, Salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosisand and Giardia. It’s actually toxic and has been estimated that a single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million of fecal coliform bacteria ?

So pick up your dogs poop, pop it in the bin…it’s important! Your not only doing humans a favour but your little pooches a favour too.

Top tips tips for when walking your pooch:

  • Don’t forget the poop bags
  • Clean the mess up after them
  • ALWAYS put it in the bin

There you go…easy as that! This benefits everyone and makes everyone happy..especially those who are now trying to ban dogs going into certain parks. This is because it’s the fault of some owners for just leaving their dog logs on the floor. If your one of them that’s reading this..don’t be discusting, it literally takes 2 seconds of your time.


So we think that these bags are with a shadow of a doubt a must have for all dog owners. Now, we have tried a wide variety of bags from cheap to expensive and these have been the best ones so far. They are a reasonable price and we would say that they are worth the money. They are unusually entertaining too as they are quite humerus and are personalised with different quotes eg. ”My other bag is Prada”. These bags are far from boring!

We actually go through doggy doo bags as much we go through tea bags. So thank you Smug pets as we now have certainly enough to last us a good year or more!

So there you go…who knew so much could be written about dog waste bags.

Reggie’s Rating

Overall we give Smug Pets a top 10/10 ?

Thank you Smug Pets for allowing us to review your products

Reggie & Me ♥️?

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