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I was sent two Twist ‘N’ Treat Dog Treat Dispensers to review from Tatty Head. The products came well packaged with a cute and attractive layout.

I would have to say what a great little invention this is-such a brilliant idea. Carrying treats has always been a problem for me as I would just stash them into a pocket. Most of the time I would forget that they are in there and randomly find the odd treats crushed in my pocket (yes,it’s happened to us all!) I then tried a treats bag-which also didn’t help as I would always forget it and it was too big to carry around.

These dispensers are perfect as they are a great size and attach easily onto Reggies lead, which means that I now never forget to take treats with me.

The dispensers are perfect for keeping training treats in and are easy to use. To fill up you literally just pull off the lid to refill and to get the treats out you just twist the end around. They are also made with plastic which makes them easy to be cleaned.

They sell other items on their webpage too such as the Dog Biscuit Combo and Scruffy Chops shampoos and Conditioners.

I have only had one problem so far were I’ve dropped his lead (but this was my own fault) and the treats went everywhere all over the garden centre floor, so Reggie had a field time getting them all up. So if your as clumsy as me have in mind that if you do drop the lead there will be treats scattered everywhere!

I love finding a bit about the businesses I review from as it’s always good to hear what the owners have to say.

I asked the owner when did their business start up and what inspired them to start up their business. Here is their response:

“My own dog Hugo (a 6 1/2 year old yorki-poo) inspired me to start the business. He has selective hearing and I was looking for something portable that I could carry treats in that would rattle to get his attention otherwise it’s 50/50 that he will respond to recall when off the lead. I had the product idea for the treat dispenser first and then built the brand as the product was developed.”

“I have worked on the brand and business since June 2016 when I first incorporated the company with Companies House and made slow but steady progress whilst working full time as a Surveyor. I recently left my job in Surveying for the launch of the dispenser at Crufts 2019 which is the first time it was available to buy.”

I also asked the owner how their business is going sales wise:
“Sales fluctuate as we sell quite a few of the dispensers at dog events, we also sell to retailers and we sell online. Overall we are seeing steady progress with sales, but we have some way to go being new to the market, due to brand awareness which we are working on!”


I think that the dispensers are Reasonably priced at £7.99. I have had a lot of people noticing and asking about the dispensers when we’ve had it attached to the lead walking in the park.

Reggie’s Review

Thank you Tatty Head for allowing me to review your Products. Overall we rate the treat dispensers at a 9/10 ?

*All of our reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced.

Thank you for Reading…
Love & Paws
Reggie & Me ♥️?

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