The Dirty Dog Bar

We were sent a couple of bars to test out from The Dirty Dog Bar.

This is a new business that started doing pre-orders at the end of February this year and launched on the 6th March.

Reggie was sent a full size cola dog bar and some samples of Cherries on top, the Bubblegum bar and the soothibar.

We have spent a few weeks testing out the bars on our mud loving monster. Here is what we thought:

First opinions of the bars were that they looked pretty cute- each designed in different shapes and colours. We have never used soap bars on Reggie before so we where quite intrigued as to how they would make Reggie smell and if they actually worked.

The Cola bottle bar was the first soap bar we tried. After having a nightmare with Reggie in the park rolling around in fox poo, we had to use the tomato sauce trick first (this does actually work and gets rid of that foul smell.)

Obviously after this disaster anything would smell better than fox poo-but I doubt never as yummy as this smelt. Reggie smelt no more like fox poo, but like a giant cola bottle, and yes it did make us want to eat him!!

We found that quite a few dog shampoos have made Reggie slightly itchy so it has taken us a while to find one that was perfect for him. None of these bars have made him itchy at all and each have left him with a lovely shiny coat.

The cherries on top bar had to be a favourite of ours. This actually smelt like a Bakewell tart and we love the bright colours of this bar. We shall be purchasing some of these in the future!!! ?

The soothi bar didn’t really have a scent but worked just as well as the others did with getting him clean. This bar contained Cedarwood and aloe. Cedar is natural flea repellent and is anti itch, which is good for Reggie Skin.

We did have one issue with these bars. Once wet they are pretty slippy and did shoot across the bathroom. This was actually quite entertaining. After looking at their page they have now released wash mitts . So if you are going to buy their products I would have to say that buying the wash mitt is a must (unless you want to play chase the soap!)

The bars are long lasting and re-usable. To use them again,we just popped our bars into a sandwich bag.

We spoke with the owners of this new company and asked them what inspired them to set up this business. Here is their response:

“The inspiration behind my products are a combination of my dog @shadowthewolfhybrid and the paws for change foundation. Providing a positive alternative to products that use chemical foaming agents.

I point blank refused to use them on shadow and that’s how this all started. With a lot of hard work & determination I created our bars. It didn’t seem fair just to keep them to ourselves for only my dog to benefit and so the Dirty Dog Bar was born.”

We also asked the Dirty Dog Bar how their sales have been over the last two months:

“The business & sales are going great! I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the response we’ve had” ?

“Not only have we had new sales but already getting repeat sales and reccomendations. Which is fantastic!!!”


We love this company as its unique and the bars are a reasonable price. We haven’t seen any business like it yet! Not only do they sell dog products but items for humans too such as crystals,minerals,burning products, healing tools and wands.

We highly recommend Dirty Dog Bar. Overall we rate The Dirty Dog Bar a 9/10 ?

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Reggie & Me ? ♥️

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