The Flip Stick Review by Pet Qwerks

We were sent a flip stick and a peanut butter ring to review from Pet Qwerks

We have previously written a review on some of their toys and we rated them a top 10/10. 

Will the flip stick be as popular with Reggie as much as the other Pet Qwerks toys we reviewed? Let’s find out…

We have spent a good month testing this product out. The flip stick is an interactive chase, tug and teaser dog toy. 

Reggie is a playful character and loves his toys. He likes anything that he can grab with his mouth.

Reggie gets so excited when we get the flip stick out of the cupboard . 

We have had great fun in the garden with the Flip Stick-getting him to jump at it, pull it and shake it. We see why it’s called the flip stick as it genuinely makes him flip into the air.

We also love to tease him with the stick as it sends him excitably crazy. This products certainly provides mental stimulation.

As you can see from the picture below he’s a little obsessed with this toy and it sends him Nuts! 

(Excuse the garden it’s a work in progress.)

Peanut Butter Ring

This ring is a fetch, chew and tug toy and is great for those tough chewers. This ring is made from durable, FDA-compliant Nylon and is allergen-free

If you have read our blogs before you will know that Reggie’s favourite flavour is peanut butter. He will do literally anything for peanut butter, so the Peanut butter Ring was another hit with Reggie.

The ring has kept him busy for hours on end and has been great for his teeth. We also had a bit of fun joining in their ring challenge…



The quality of these toys are just amazing. We are surprised at how long lasting they are. We reviewed the last Pet Qwerks toys back in February and 5 months later these toys are still in tact. We honestly couldn’t rate Pet Qwerks enough.

Without a doubt, they continue to be one of our favourite dog toy companies.

Thank you Petqwerks for allowing us to review your products again.

Reggie’s Rating

Overall we give the flip stick and peanut butter ring a 10/10. ?

*All of our reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced.

Thank you for Reading…

Love & Paws

Reggie & Me ♥️?

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