The Pawfection Pack Review

A few weeks ago we were sent a subscription box from the The Pawfection Pack. Whenever we review products from companies we like to test them all out with Reggie first before creating our blog reviews and rating them.

The Pawfection Pack

The Pawfection pack are a small business that are still just starting up. They opened in December of 2018 and their first box created was their January box.

We received the March box and inside this neatly packaged box was all sorts of little goodies for Reggie to enjoy. The box included:

Elephant Toy from Beco Pets

When opening a subscription box Reggie always seems to go for the toys first. (Surprisingly not the treats!)

He actually ran straight into the garden with the elephant squeaky plush dog toy.

After a little research we found that these toys are strong as they are double stitched and are stuffed with fibres made from recycled plastic bottles, which makes them extra soft as well as eco-friendly. After a whole month of Reggie playing with this toy it still looks good as new.

There was one issue that Reggie did have with this toy and that was it’s shape. Reggie does struggle a little to hold it in his mouth and it takes him a good few attempts to grab it. Holding toys in his mouth is one of his favourite things to do, especially when greeting people.

Nut butter Chews from Denzels

Reggie can be a tad fussy with treats but these went down well. With only three in a pack we do think that Denzels should have bigger packs of these treats as Reggie loved them.The chews are made with 100% natural ingredients and are a great size but they are literally gone in seconds.

We wouldn’t really say a chew but more of a treat. We did find it easier to break them into smaller pieces so they could last longer. He did seem to get really excited when giving him these treats, but with only three in the pack they didn’t last long at all.

Tender wash bar from Dermadog

This bar is a mild, unscented bar for dogs with sensitive skin. It’s 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free and 100% natural. We didn‘t expect to get one of these in the box as we’re aware that these are quite expensive (£13.95 individually)

Reggie isn’t really allergic to dog shampoos or soaps so this wash bar did the normal trick of getting him clean. We do like soap bars that usually make him smell nice so these unscented bars would be perfect for those dogs that are sensitive to certain products.

Peanut and banana bones from The Little Blue Pupcakery

Another treat that was a hit with Reggie. These treats smelt really nice. We are huge fans of homemade treats. They were neatly packaged and contained quite a few as they were filled to the top of the bag. They were slightly too big of a size for Reggie so we had to snap them in half but he certainly enjoyed them.

Quill Bow tie from Salt Dog studios

This gold and grey feather patterned fabric bow-tie is very cute, made of good quality and attaches securely onto Reggie’s collar. It can be easily detached with its elastic loop. This was a great accessory to receive in the box.

White Doggy Choc Mice from Harley Bears coco Bites

Reggie wasn’t fussed with these treats. When giving him the option of one of these or the peanut and banana bones, he went straight for the bones. Unfortunately these weren’t a hit with Reggie this time, but they were with our friends dog!

Mint scented Poop bags from Beco Pets

Great bags..we personally think that having poop bags in the pack is a great idea as they are very handy and will be used by all. These bags were strong and didn’t split. Also a great handy small sized box if your going on trip away.

Tip Card for anxious Dogs

This is a great idea to put inside the box, especially as Reggie is an anxious dog when left alone. We have already tried out some of the tips on the card and personally have found the thunder coat the best. We are yet to try Lavender oil. We actually have never heard of this before so need to invest in some and test what it’s like, so thank you for that tip!!

The Owners

We spoke with the owner of Pawfection pack asking for a little information about their business. Here was the response we received:

“I’ve always been a fan of subscription boxes, for myself and for my pups, but when I was looking for dog subscription boxes I couldn’t quite find something perfect for us. I couldn’t quite find a box that gave you a bit of everything to help look after your pup, while also being fun and showing me new brands I’d yet to try. Everything I found had quite a similar lot of products in it. That’s when I decided to create my own, one which contains new and interesting products from great brands, while having fun themes the humans can enjoy as well.”

“The business is going quite well, it’s been a bit of a slow start, but it’s starting to grow more and more each month. The feedback we’ve had has been amazing, and it’s so lovely to hear of all the people who love our boxes. I personally pack and hand wrap everyone’s boxes, so it makes me so happy when I receive such lovely feedback and hear about how much everyone loves their boxes and the products in them”.

There are a number of subscription boxes you can get from the Pawfection pack,including boxes for your cats too. We do agree that the items in the boxes are all excellent quality items.
You can buy the subscription boxes as 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plans.

There is a wide variety of boxes to choose from and each box has a theme relating to the time of year and pop culture. The next box to be released is quite exciting and is based on ‘The Game of Thrones’.

You are even given the chance to try out the products as a one off purchase and as an extra gift for subscribers they send a little gift on your pets birthday,which is rather cute!


Thank you to The Pawfection Pack for allowing us to review their March subscription box.

Overall we rate the subscription box at a 9/10 ?

*All of our reviews are of our own opinion and none are influenced.

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Reggie & Me ♥️?

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