Yazzys Yummys Dog Treats Review

Reggie was sent a few treats to try out from Yazzys Yummies.

Yazzys Yummies are a new family business based in South Oxfordshire that was set up last summer. They make Eco Friendly Hypoallergenic Dog Treats.

We are huge fans of homemade dog treats.They make treats for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies. All of their products are free from soya, wheat, dairy, eggs, meat, palm oils, additives and preservatives.

The treats came in a well presented box. The bags are made of cellulose and not plastic, which is recyclable.

Reggie was sent the Banana Bones which were in the Valentine’s limited edition Shape. These usually come as the bone shape. Reggie also received the Tumeric Treats which were also limited addition. The box we received also contained a Yazzys Yummies dog whistle.

We asked Yazzys Yummies what inspired them to start up their family business. Here was their response:

“Our eldest & littlest dog Poppy suffered for 2 years with tummy problems. We had to go to the vets every week for medications, tests and check ups. Finally we did a super strict diet which helped tremendously but meant she wasn’t allowed treats or any nice food. I felt that it wasn’t fair that Poppy had to have her ‘food’ for all her meals and treats. It broke my heart that so many other dogs are in the same situation. I run a local dog group and got talking to other dog parents and was saddened to hear that so many other dogs including poodle crosses, boxers etc had the same full lifestyle and made it my mission to share the love ”.

Their best selling treat is currently the Banana bones which was their first recipe. This flavour is also their dog Poppy’s favourite flavour too.

Reggie also enjoyed these Treats. Reggie doesnt just swallow his treats straight away, so these biscuits are perfect for him to have a good old crunch on.


These treats went down well with Reggie. We are all for Echo friendly too ?

So overall we give YazzysYummies a high 8/10

Thank you for allowing us to review your treats.

Reggie & Me ?

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